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Business Information

Name:PEB Marketing Academy

Business sector: Business Growth Services

Date of accreditation:1/02/2022

Contact Details

Name: Peter Baylis


Phone: 07710 267899

2023 Human Business Care Label Portrait Renewal
Peter Baylis

Peter Baylis – Founder

“It is part of the fascination of working with small business owners that their motivations are much more complex and human than those typically ascribed to businesspeople. Despite this complexity it is possible to discern a few common themes:

  • Most want to be working in a business for which they have a passion and, therefore, enjoy
  • to achieve their preferred work/life balance
  • Most want to build a good reputation for themselves and their businesses in their local communities by, not only providing a great service to their customers, but by building profitable and trusting relationships with all their stakeholders

For me all of the above perfectly aligns with the values espoused by the Human Business Initiative.”

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