The world of work has changed and so has the meaning we place on it!

The Human Business is a new social enterprise on a BOLD mission to put human into one million UK businesses by supporting micro business owners to discover a lasting balance between the demands of their day job and their personal wellbeing.

We advocate for a different approach to doing business. An approach that recognises the many challenges we face but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner.

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Small businesses play a crucial role in the health of the UK economy, accounting for, as at the start of 2022, at least 99.9% of all businesses, 61% of all jobs, and contributing £2.1 trillion or 51% of UK GDP.

Micro businesses represent a staggering 95% of that 99.9%!

As small business owners ourselves, we intimately understand the multitude of reasons that drive individuals to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

Some seek the autonomy to seize control of their livelihoods, while others envision expanded earning capacities. Many yearn for the elusive harmony between work and personal life, embracing the promise of flexibility.

However, we cannot overlook the fact that alongside these aspirations, the path of small business ownership is lined with formidable challenges.

Wellbeing and The Future of Work - The Report

Wellbeing and The Future of Work

In June 2023 we published the findings to a survey we undertook that sought to discover what were the major challenges facing micro business owners.

We uncovered a troubling reality: the wellbeing of these entrepreneurs in the UK falls well below that of the general population. It also became clear that micro business owners were dramatically underserved by the wellbeing market. 

Our report identified 9 significant challenges that small business owners face. Any one of which could impact the well-being of themselves, their employees, and indeed the business.

Terry Malloy and Phil Joseph, Directors of The Human Business say We believe now is the time for a different approach: an approach that recognises all of the challenges we have to face but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner. 

And whilst putting human into business is certainly not easy, we believe it is always worth the endeavour because when inspired people come together the impossible becomes achievable.”

The Human Business is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting those micro business owners who aspire to not only make a positive difference in their own lives but also in the lives of those they collaborate with.

In this community, we truly embrace the power of trusted collaboration because we know that real growth, real success, both personally and professionally can never be done alone.

If this all sounds like something you’d either like to know more about or be involved in then download a copy of our Wellbeing and The Future of Work report and stay tuned for some exciting developments coming early in 2024!

Terry and Phil

Directors of The Human Business