All Human Businesses are built upon trusted relationships that are grounded in 4 paired values.

  1. Kindness and Respect
  2. Openness and Honesty
  3. Courage and Vulnerability
  4. Curiosity and Gratitude
Phil and Terry

All businesses awarded The Human Business Care Label have pledged to:

  1. Be kind and respectful to all.
  2. Be open and honest in their communication and in their conduct.
  3. Be courageous and vulnerable in their pursuit of living a life that is true to who they really are.
  4. Challenge themselves on a daily basis to stay curious in order to learn, grow, improve and make a difference.

Every member awarded The Human Business Care Label is committed to be being held accountable for:

  1. The concept of continuous and never-ending improvement
  2. Actively living these values and principles, not just holding them as aspirational statements for marketing purposes.

Which in practical terms means they would welcome any feedback you might like to share.

So if you have something to say please CLICK HERE and share your experience of dealing with our care label members. We would all appreciate it.

Terry Malloy and Phil Joseph
Directors of The Human Business
Phil and Terry
The Human Business Care Label

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