The Human Business C.I.C. supports micro business owners to achieve a lasting balance between the various demands of their day job and their personal wellbeing.

We advocate for a different approach to doing business. An approach that recognises the many challenges we are all facing but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner.

Over the past ten years or so many people have started to feel that we can’t carry on doing business and living the way we have done, it’s just not sustainable, for us or the planet.

No business can exist without people, and every person we encounter in business—every connection, every employee, manager, customer, supplier and prospect—is a human being with uniquely human needs. Each of which profoundly affect every decision he or she will make.

In the world we are emerging into it will be those companies who can attract, develop, and keep good people who will excel in their respective spheres.

Until we can better understand these needs we are effectively “working in the dark”. We are simply guessing as to how we can best support these highly valuable individuals. Individuals who may unknowingly be underperforming against our expectations simply as a result of those needs not being met.

Minouche Shafik, a former Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and a Director of the London School of Economics said, “In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in the future, they’ll be about the heart.



I believe in a world full of fun, peace and freedom and I think running your own business is probably the best personal development programme you could ever invest in.

I find it brings all my various doubts and insecurities into focus. Which means in my most fearful of times I just want to runway lock myself away from the big bad wolf and just hide. But when it’s good, when it’s great all I want to do is “get out there” and connect with people.

I co founded The Human Business CIC to give me that personal development playground to play in but in doing it I recognised, I wasn’t alone. There were other businesspeople like me who wanted a safe place to explore new perspectives and approaches and to practise them without fear of ridicule OR messing things up.  But I guess I also really wanted the opportunity to develop some genuine deep and meaningful connections with other similar minded business owners.

For me business success brings with it a need for genuine social responsibility and a duty towards those who may be less fortunate, because when done correctly business has the power to change everyone’s lives – and it should.

When I left school I chose to work in the print industry. Which turned out to be a really good choice for me as I’ve always loved my work.

The MD who suggested I might like to come off the press, put on a suit and “help me look after our valued customers” certainly hit my soft spot as to be honest there’s nothing I like more than meeting and talking to people.

What I observed early on was that the small family-owned businesses I worked for really respected and looked after their staff and suppliers. This gave them the firm foundation from which they could offer exceptional service to their customers. Who in turn became loyal, long-term customers.

I want to help and support those business owners who want to put Human back into business. Those that recognise that good business isn’t simply about making money but doing good for both it’s owners, it’s staff, it’s community and the planet.


Phil Joseph

We believe that living and acting from a sound ‘moral compass’, from shared values has always been the right way to build a better life. Now feels like the right time for many more people to adopt this lifestyle and change the way we live and work for the better that way we can all help shape the ‘New normal’.

This really isn’t rocket science. Together we can make a difference – a difference to you, your staff your business, our community and nothing is more powerful than having a supportive and collaborative community behind you as you introduce any type of change.

If this all sounds like something you’d either like to know more about or be involved in, then download a copy of our Wellbeing and The Future of Work report and come along as our guest to one of our monthly Permission to be Human online events. You’ll be made to feel very welcome. You might even learn something of real value to yourself in the process!