Over the past ten years or so, many people have started to feel that we can’t carry on doing business and living the way we have done, it’s just not sustainable, for us or the planet.

We believe that living and acting from a sound ‘moral compass’, from shared values has always been the right way to build a better life but now feels like the right time for many more people to adopt this lifestyle and change the way we live and work for the better. That way we can all help shape the ‘New normal’ and find a lasting balance between the demands of the day job and our personal wellbeing.

Good business isn’t just about making money it’s about doing good too.

In this community, we truly embrace the power of collaboration because we know that real growth, real success, both personally and professionally can never be done alone.

We therefore invite you to check out what our various supporters have to offer and have some confidence in the fact that if you do business with them they are the sort of people who aspire to make a difference!

Terry and Phil

  • Phil Joseph

    Phil Joseph


    Business: The Human Business C.I.C.
    Email: phil-mcr@thehumanbusiness.co.uk
    Website: www.thehumanbusiness.co.uk

  • Terry Malloy


    Business: The Human Business C.I.C.
    Email: terry@thehumanbusiness.co.uk
    Website: www.thehumanbusiness.co.uk

  • Tom Payne

    Founding director

    Business: AskAbaqus
    Email: tom@askabaqus.com
    Phone: 01452 596765
    Website: www.askabaqus.com

Tom Payne

Founding director