The Human Business advocates for a different approach to doing business. An approach that recognises the many challenges we face but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner.

Which is why we are on a mission to put human into 1 million UK businesses!

If you genuinely care about your people, your customers, your prospects, your community, and the planet, then we invite you to be recognised as such.

Come and be part of it!


Today businesses across all sectors and of all sizes are facing numerous challenges but the common thread that links all of these challenges together is people. It is people who ultimately must face them and it’s people who will have to overcome them.

And whilst it might be a longstanding idea or belief that emotions should be kept out of the workplace – that whatever’s going on in our personal life, we should leave it at home so we can bring our most ‘productive self’ to work – through a period when home has become work and people have become so exhausted they couldn’t possibly leave their personal experiences at the door any more — it’s clear that this old-fashioned idea can’t hold up much longer.

Learning how to build more trusted relationships and better communicate with the people you come into contact with, is a skill that will benefit every single area of both your professional and personal life.

Good business isn’t just about making money it’s about doing good too. Good for our colleagues, our customers, our shareholders, our community and our planet and nothing is more powerful than having a supportive and collaborative community behind you as you introduce any type of change.

Terry Malloy and Phil Joseph, Directors of The Human Business say We believe now is the time for a different approach: an approach that recognises the challenges we have to face but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner. 

Creating a human business is not a “tick box process” it requires a commitment to live and breathe the fundamental truth that “our people are our greatest assets.

So whilst putting human into business is certainly not easy we believe it is always worth the endeavour because when inspired people come together the impossible becomes achievable.”

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Terry and Phil

Directors of The Human Business