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Business Information

Name:Go Climate Positive

Business sector: Sustainability Consulting

Date of accreditation: 1/02/2022

Contact Details

Name: Eoin McQuone


Phone: 0333 344 5890

2023 Human Business Care Label Portrait Renewal
Eoin McQuone

Eoin McQuone – Founder and Chief Carbon Coach

“The purpose that drove me to start Go Climate Positive was ‘to place the tools for sustainable business into the hands of every business owner’.

I live and breathe the Planet side of sustainability and the Human Business Accreditation gives me the opportunity to do that for the People side of the equation.

On a personal level, I found that the Human Business accreditation process gave me the time and space to reflect on how to bring my values to life, which I found immensely valuable, rewarding and enlightening.”

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